Verse 1

C       G                                D             Em

Your love As far as the east and west

    C       G                            D             Em

Your Mercies Brand new every morning

    C       G                              D             Em

Your faithfulness Abounding forever

Pre chorus

Bm               D

You freely gave


And you freely give


C                                        G

You never run out on me

D                               Em          

Endless love is all I can see

C                                             G

Your goodness will never cease

D                                        Em

Endless love is all I can see


Verse 2

No end

To your glory

No empty words

To all your promises

Your blessings

Out number the stars above


C                            D

Deeper, deeper in your love

Bm                             Em

Overflowing from your heart

C                             D

Your living waters flood my cup


You’re more than enough


You’re more than enough


Written by Rebekah Ferro (2017)